The Las Mercedes project belongs to the 4th generation of the Bouchon family in Chile. It was born from a desire to capture, in each bottle of wine, a bit of who we are. Our philosophy is to dare to make wines with absolute freedom, thus creating the style of wine that we would like to drink ourselves, share with our friends and with the rest of the world.

4 generation
3 combination

The Passion: Julio

Julio, an avid skier, mountain biker and horseman, enjoys expressing his passion for the great outdoors through the wine he creates. For him, wine is adrenaline and exploration, in all sense. He is responsable for making Las Mercedes imposible and irresponsible. Thanks for that.

The emotion: María

María is pure emotion and expresión. She dances, sings and acts and teaches others to do it as well. And she is a woman, having a sensibility her brothers miss for sure. She adds that to Las Mercedes, and a very acute nose. The circle is complete and Las Merdeces is born.

The action: Juan

Juan is the builder. He has lots of qualifications and lots for energy. Things happen fast, when he isa round. The devil is in the detail and the clocks run fast. Julio dreams the new Project and Juan put every gear in action to make it real. Two are more than one.


Las Mercedes uses the antique wax seal of the Bouchon family as its symbol, previously used to seal letters, and which the Bouchon Lyon brothers wanted to rescue, as a reminder of their roots, and where they come from. 

The seal was first used by Antonio Bouchon in the 1920s, and is an illustration of a camellia, a beautiful flower that was planted throughout the grounds of the colonial country home, the family home of the Bouchon family, called Hacienda Cañadilla.

Hunters of Terroirs

We are terroir hunters. We pursue small acreage vineyards for each of our wines, searching for a combination of climate and soil that best represents a grape variety in the way we want to express it. Altitude, rainfall, thermal oscillation, sun orientation, slope, soil composition and layering are all key elements in our search.

Sustainable Wines

We are committed to minimize and compensate the impact of what we do and to have a sustainable management. All our wines have the Sustainability Certificate granted by Wines of Chile and audited by SGS. Also, our wines are certified Vegan, which means that they do not use animal derivatives.